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Play Ticket to Ride on Board Game Arena:

Join the largest boardgame table in the world! With this 6-month membership, you'll be able to challenge players from all over the world to Ticket to Ride.

A Steam key for Ticket to Ride: India:

A Ticket to Ride extension to download for free!

Discover one of the most densely populated and colorful countries in the world with the India map. Will you complete your Grand Tour of the British Raj on time, or lose to more cunning - or simply better connected - opponents?

A Steam key for Ticket to Ride: USA 1910:

Free Download Ticket to Ride Expansion!

Change up your strategies and tactics with the 3 USA 1910 variations for Ticket to Ride. They will surprise even longtime veteran railway workers. So get on board and come experience a whole new journey!

Frequently asked questions

Where can I find my Unbox Now game code?
The game code is either printed on the back of the game’s rule book or on a separate leaflet that came bundled with your board game.
The game code is a serial number with the following format: ABC-DEF-123-XXXX-YYYY-ZZZZ
How can I use my Unbox Now game code?
Enter your Unbox Now game code here and either create an Asmodee account or sign in with your account if you already have one (this also works with Days of Wonder and AsmoConnect accounts).
Can I use my code more than once?
An Unbox Now game code can only be used once and is linked to a single account. You cannot transfer a code to another account. Once a code has been registered and the reward attributed, it cannot be used again.
What should I do if my Unbox Now game code doesn't work?
  • Make sure you have correctly typed the code, pay attention to similar characters like 0 and O or 1 and L.
  • Make sure you don't already have another account with this code registered. If you've lost access to this account, try to reset your password.
  • If this is a second-hand board game, the game code has probably already been registered by the previous owner. As game codes are not transferable, it is not possible to register this code a second time.
  • Finally, contact us for more troubleshooting